AGCO Launches “FarmerCore” Program for North and South America

AGCO's global initiative promises to transform the experience of farmers and dealerships, integrating digital and in-person services

30.01.2024 | 12:17 (UTC -3)
Cultivar Magazine, with information from Aryn Drawdy

AGCO launches "FarmerCore" to bring the dealership experience closer to farmers. The global initiative uses tools that bring dealerships closer to farmers, both in person and online. From product research to in-season maintenance, the program develops and integrates digital and physical elements. This occurs throughout the purchase journey and product life cycle.

According to the company, "FarmerCore" is based on three pillars...

The first is workplace mindset. It positions dealerships to meet customers' needs at every step of the ownership journey.

The second is intelligent network coverage. It disfavors the single point of sale approach. Moves towards a "hub-and-spoke" model. This model adds "light" retail outlets, service centers and parts-only locations.

The third pillar is digital engagement. It offers farmers full-time online access to sales and support. This includes online parts purchasing, digital dealership windows, online configurators and more.

Eric Hansotia, president and CEO of AGCO, highlights the company's strategy. She focuses on putting the farmer at the center of everything. The “FarmerCore” initiative reinforces this commitment. Combines physical and digital experiences to build brand loyalty and deepen customer engagement. The objective is to take the entire business to the farmer. This will be done through digital tools, service trucks, local access to parts and more. All in partnership with AGCO's global dealer network.

Many AGCO dealerships already implement aspects of the “FarmerCore” program. They include mobile service fleets, alternative format points of sale and digital tools to enhance customer support. The model proved to be successful at the regional level. One example is AgRevolution, AGCO's agricultural equipment dealership. It serves farmers in Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana.

With "FarmerCore", mobile assets bring purchasing and service to the farm. While dealership locations will continue to anchor farmer support in local communities, mobile and digital channels allow farmers to engage on their own terms.

"FarmerCore" will be implemented in partnership with AGCO's global dealer network. The program will launch globally this year at select dealer organizations in North and South America. Expansion will continue throughout 2024.

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