Another 13 low-impact products are registered by Mapa for pest control in agriculture

Pesticides with a state-of-the-art active ingredient have also been registered to combat a broad spectrum of pests

19.06.2023 | 14:19 (UTC -3)
Pesticides with a state-of-the-art active ingredient have also been registered. to combat a wide spectrum of pests; Photo: CNA
Pesticides with a state-of-the-art active ingredient have also been registered. to combat a wide spectrum of pests; Photo: CNA

Act #26 of the Department of Plant Health and Agricultural Inputs of the Secretariat of Agricultural Defense, published this Monday (19/06), in the Official Gazette of the Union, brings the registration of 55 formulated pesticides, that is, products that will effectively be available for use by farmers. Of these, 13 are considered organic, with seven destined for organic agriculture.

In total, in 2023, 121 products were registered, 28 of which were classified as low impact, which highlights the growing concern with sustainable agricultural practices. Biological products contain fungi, bacteria, viruses and predatory insects, representing an innovative and environmentally friendly approach to controlling pests and diseases in crops. 

Among the chemicals registered today, five feature a new active substance called isocycloseram. It is a state-of-the-art active ingredient for a broad spectrum of pests, with an unprecedented mode of action. Its effectiveness provides immediate and prolonged control, even at reduced doses. These products are recommended for several large crops and, in particular, to combat ants.

Products with this pure active ingredient were classified by Anvisa as category 5, that is, a product unlikely to cause acute harm. “In this category, for example, we have products of biological origin”, explains the head of the Mapa Formulated Products Registration Division, Tatiane Almeida. Isocycloseram is already registered in Australia and was included in Canada's prioritization list of crops with insufficient phytosanitary support (minor crops) in 2022, for the control of thrips in cucumbers.

The other products use active ingredients previously registered in the country. The new registrations are important as they reduce the concentration of the pesticide market and increase competition. This ends up resulting in fairer trade and lower production costs for Brazilian agriculture.

With the publication of Act No. 26, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Mapa) reaffirms its commitment to promoting sustainable agricultural practices, combining the protection of plantations with the preservation of the environment, and thus guaranteeing the quality and safety of Brazilian agricultural products .

All registered products were analyzed and approved by Anvisa, Ibama and Mapa, bodies responsible for health, environment and agriculture, respectively, in accordance with scientific criteria and in line with best international practices.

Chart - Register of approved pesticides
Chart - Register of approved pesticides
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