What is the importance of seeds treated in integrated systems?

By Michael Oliveira Technological Developer at Barenbrug do Brasil

15.03.2021 | 20:59 (UTC -3)

The use of forages in integrated systems has been increasingly common in recent years. The use can be in consortium or rotation in the Crop Livestock Integration (ILP), Crop Livestock Forest Integration (ILPF) and Direct Planting System systems. In both cases, it is very common to use tropical forages, especially the Brachiaria genus. With the aim of promoting physical protection of the soil, nutrient cycling and diversifying the property’s production system.

Climate change has influenced the schedule of several producers in different regions, due to irregular rainfall, mainly at the beginning of the rains and the constant dry spells that occur during agricultural harvests. As a result, the importance of using forage crops in order to provide a safer environment for the development and production of cereals and annual crops in agriculture has become increasingly evident.

Along with this growing demand comes concern about the physical, sanitary, physiological and genetic quality of the seeds used in these systems. It is of great importance to use seeds free of pathogens and undesirable seeds, in addition to the need for high physical purity.

Seed treatment emerges as a technology to add to the protection and production of species used in integrated systems, thus ensuring greater efficiency in the field of seeds used and providing better uniformity during establishment and distribution operations.

Barenbrug offers technology that brings more safety and better performance to producers. This is the exclusive seed treatment: Yellow Jacket®. It offers greater protection against pests and diseases with the use of fungicides and insecticides, in addition to improving the performance of species in the field using nutritional elements, natural extracts, organic compounds and a complex of micronutrients.

Thinking about adding new technologies also in integrated systems, Barenbrug offers the optional solution of treatment with Biological Nematicide, with the aim of adding nematode control.

All of these seed technology solutions are available to best serve the producer and provide greater efficiency in the field of sowing, establishment and production of forage, whether for plant cover and/or integration with livestock. Provide more security and profitability for your business. This is the purpose of Barenbrug technologies.

Michael Oliveira, Technological Developer at Barenbrug do Brasil, agronomist and master in Ruminant Production and Nutrition from the Federal University of Lavras.

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