How is your company's technological innovation process?

By Marcos Pazeto, Services Director at AdopTI, a consultancy with an exclusive portfolio specializing in the SAP business management platform

27.03.2018 | 20:59 (UTC -3)

Knowing the main technological trends is crucial for companies to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. The need to innovate requires appropriate tools to optimize the work of companies, ensuring that they can participate in the economy that is moving towards digitalization.

In this sense, a considerable number of companies, users of the SAP business management platform, are faced with an opportunity that can put them at an advantage. SAP S/4HANA, a technological innovation initiative by the German company that owns the platform, is today considered SAP's greatest innovation, a true redefinition of how corporate software can create value in a digital and connected economy. Its ecosystem was developed to take advantage of a powerful technological base, modernize the user experience on any device and natively connect Big Data, the Internet of Things, among other transformative technologies.

Therefore, the migration process from traditional ERPs to the current model does not just represent a systemic update, but the opportunity for companies to begin the process of the much talked about digital transformation. According to SAP, by 2025, all companies in the national and international market that use its platform will migrate to SAP S/4HANA. The new technology aims to establish digital transformation through its robust, secure and agile structure, which at the same time simplifies internal processes, speeds up and enhances decision-making at different levels of the organization.

Although some organizations are not mature enough to achieve this concept of technological modernization, the competitive advantage of this system means that most companies from different segments choose this transition. Migration has become a necessity, as it allows businesses to capture more value, more quickly, thanks to the disruptive effect of the new model.

Success on this journey depends on good planning and synergy between the company's information technology and business areas, and mainly on dedicated analysis and assertive choice of partner. This alliance will promote the structure to receive the organizational impact changes necessary for the success of the migration. Therefore, it is important to know: Is your company prepared to start the technological innovation process?

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